Sunday, September 24, 2006

My medical career

I have observed the following three usually-truisms from my time in the medical profession (which consists of a Bachelor's degree in medical stuff and at least 3 seasons of faithfully watching "E.R." on Thursday nights).

1) The creativity of the human body is amazing. Beyond-reason amazing. Most of what we know about the brain (or genes or the impact one system has on another) is, candidly, about 10% deep. We have fields like "neurosurgery" but we're not sure what we're doing. Most of what we "know" is what not to touch. It's just way too complex. And beautiful.

2) Sin is an evil that is incapable of being understood. Almost equal to the beautiful complexity of the human body is the power and totality of the sin's rampages. My personal sin can cause personal human decay, social toxicity, and multiplied reverberations of mal-intent towards others. In their book "Vital Friends," the Gallup Poll folks describe that a bad work environment can all but destroy a marriage and/or family. One boss (or employee) will cause those affected grief, who will in turn become carriers to the disease as it spreads out.

3) Those in the profession are NOT better at the profession when compared to non-professionals. Example, respiratory therapist who smokes 1.5 packs per day. Internships and Rotations that ask people to make snap, vital decisions but forces them to work 18 hour shifts.

Is this not just like the Church?

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