Friday, August 31, 2007

More kid fun

My 10 year old daughter is trying to explain to my 60+ mother the how and why of a Myspace account. If you don't know Mikaela, imagine a very precocious and highly verbal girl explaining the need for a Myspace account and all the great things one can do with their home-page.

[Note: my daughter got her Myspace account last night. 2 friends, one is me. She has changed the background/theme twice. She has a song playing from a High School Musical 2 actress. She has a picture up of her (proving she is too young to actually have a Myspace).]

I had a VERY hard time catching my breath after listening to Mikaela talk to Oma about Myspace, especially when Mikaela had a hard time understanding why her grandmother doesn't understand the incredible weight of Myspace nuance.

The world is changing.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mouth of children

Thought this was a great commentary on society(ies):

Tara: Why is that so expensive?
Mikaela: Because it's cool!
Luc: That's stupid.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My life at this time

A blog entry that is so incredibly accurate to the way I think and so relevant to my current life-situation, only way more beautifully written/crafted than my own observation about life . . .

Monday, July 30, 2007
Steering is this: empowering leaders, resourcing plans, evaluating outcomes.

The active alignment of money, mandate and measurement is *not* judging tactics or leading execution. Steering is all about alignment. Steering is not making things happen. It is catalyzing the circumstances that allow for things to happen.

Steering is about a certain indirect influence in the future that is always already coming. The public face of steering is strategy embodied in initiatives. One steers initiatives. One executes projects.

One steers through initiatives as one turns a ship with the slight movement of its wheel. One executes projects as one swabs the deck of the ship that turns.

Another continuum to put people on

I have made the observation that there is yet another continuum that people tend to fall on. Unless I am only seeing in lame, binary sorts of ways.

Here's another line:
Teach now (e.g. teachable moment) but remember-the-moment later
- and -
Live in the moment now and see life-lesson(s) as one remembers/reflects

It's a Teach vs. Presence sort of thing.

I have some people in my life who like to always evaluate the moment as it happen (usually by teaching). But will reminisce about the past. I find this awkward: why didn't you just be Present with me when the event happened?!? Why did you teach me then, but reminisce with joy as if it was a delightful time - I didn't enjoy the time, you were teaching at me!

I have some people in my life who just want to be present, but later find all kinds of interesting things to talk about. Like people who will fully engage a movie and then talk about the movie, the motifs, the parallels to life, real stories that spring from the movie, etc. It's as if no memory exists if it didn't have all kinds of implications (personal, social, etc.). Like some blogging friends for whom the only parts of reality that exist are the ones they journal/blog.

Then I have friends who do not observe where they are/have-been present. As if the past just falls off behind their feet into an abyss.

What am I?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Am I super?

Saw the preview for a reality show called "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" on the SciFi network. This primed my thinking for today's self-observation . . .

I went for a walk this morning. Partly to warm-up my muscles so that I don't hurt my back and partly for my "health." Health being eventually related to attractiveness, sadly.

So I'm pondering my sin as I walk around (?) and thinking that I want:
1) to have power to have things happen (i.e. my will be done)
2) I want to be wanted (desired, lusted after, good-looking in a spandex top, fun at parties, bright unto all situations, etc.)

YIKES! I want to be a super-hero!!

I know I used to want to be a super-hero so I could fly. But that was in the early 70's. How sad to see my immaturity like this (or like the picture above.

Then to top it all off, I came back, sat down, talked about this all with God, confessed and repented, felt embarrassed over the silliness of my pride that had seemed so reasonable early this morning, bowed my head in shame . . . and realized my zipper had been down the entire walk.