Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fear = Faith

"Fear the LORD," psalmist.

I often get the sense as I read the Bible that I am to replace something lesser with God or something of His. "Don't trust in riches, trust in GOD's supply," for example.

So what exactly is it that I fear that I need to replace with the fear of Jesus?

I fear hunger, deep hunger. I fear being deemed bad by others. I fear being caught for what I should have been busted for. I fear others acting in a way that I wasn't expecting or wanting.

I fear what others think about me and I fear what that I will loose control of my world.

So I trust in myself to take care of it: I act a certain way and I control what I can. I, I, I.

Is it possible that "Fear God" is a call to trust? "O fear the LORD, you His saints. For to those who fear Him, there is no want." (Psalm 34:9) Not every time necessarily, but often when I read "fear" it seems to carry a huge component of entrusting my life into God's hand, making my life His responsibility. HE is the one I should trust with what others think about me, with my food, with my discipline, with others' actions. Perhaps fear = faith.

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