Tuesday, September 07, 2010

For what is a question?

"When you ask a question, do you look for an answer or do you go on a quest?" - Tara Malouf, June 2010

Yes, that IS a word-play on Question/Quest. And, yes, there IS an assumed better-answer; that the built-in answer is more ideal.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not to confuse Tolerance with Wisdom

My enemy is the mirror of my priorities, my values - even if only as my inverse.

But as my mirror, it would do me well to listen to my enemy so as to learn more my true self, before I attack.

[[ I may even find that I am an enemy of my now-uncovered self as well! ]]

Monday, July 05, 2010

Aging away from youthfulness

When I was a young, I managed my imagination...
... now that I'm old, I manage my disillusionment.

I tried to make what I thought possible...
...now I try to make up for what I wish was real.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Facebook is as worthless as this post

I know there's a pool of competition for social-networking, and that Google's Buzz got in the swirl late and without it's noseplug, but I am SO sick of Facebook being super-slow if not fully inaccessible! Buzz is fast, easy, multi-media and properly integrated (anyone else notice the lame-ness of Facebook plug-ins as of late - they seem even slower than Facebook!), and doesn't waste my time and computer resources on feeding pigs.

I know it will cost me some privacy, but I'm making my Google Profile 100% accessible and thusly, Buzz 100% accessible as well. Anything to help ease people away from the fiasco of Facebook!

[[ Irony - this post will show up in both Facebook and Buzz. Yes! ]]

Friday, April 09, 2010

My kids are awesome

Kids at school treat Mikaela with ridiculous respect... just the other day, one child admitted to cheating off of Mikaela's test. The child admitted it right away - no hesitation, no deflection. When the two were confronted with the situation, the other girl fessed up on-the-spot. Unreal.

Luc is such a great boy/man. This week, I have driven him to school so he can work the morning 'safety patrol' shift (he's on every other week). When I drop him off, he RUNS into school! Not because he's late. He just runs. It makes me smile. Huge smile. Every time.

There is a season for sowing, and a season for harvesting... The hard work of sowing (and tilling, and nurturing, and working, and pruning, and ...) is SO worth it!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Changing 'workplace' dynamics

I like to read cranky futurists on www.FaithPopcorn.com There's a section (after the super annoying hand-clapping intro!) called "Culture Pulse" which is a very knocked-down version of what they're thinking about.

In February 2010 they posted an article (.pdf) by Richard Donkin out of The Guardian on employment law. Interesting, less-than-4 page read.

The article ends with this last, bullet-point(ish) -- emphasis added by me:

Entrepreneurship: Opportunities to start up your own business, create partnerships or work freelance will blossom. "It will become difficult for employers to hold on to their key staff, who will realise they can earn more working freelance or setting up their own networks of ad hoc working relationships," [Ian] Pearson says ['futurist']. "So entrepreneurial skills will be key." (p. 4)

Got me thinking: What if 'the workplace' and 'career' are replaced with the uncertain & highly volatile "networks of ad hoc working relationships." Will 'social networking' skills cross-over in the same way 'people skills' are cross-vocational? Will having existing 'social networking capital' (i.e. a long-standing, highly invested-in social-networking presence [read: Facebook- or Twitter- or Google Buzz- account]) become valuable like a degree or alumni association or recruiter or ____ is today?

Gen-X is, according to most historians and culture observers, a 'stuck' generation: what they invested in (mid-to-late 1900's education, buy everything on-loan [called "leverage"], family & social (& financial) values/morals) doesn't have a positive return - made even more frustrating by the fact that the generations before them DO have a positive return on those same investments while at the same time the Gen-Xers are taking a loss.

Blah, blah, blah... all that to say, I wonder if those of us (i.e. ME!) who don't really like social-networking are going to find ourselves sad and frustrated when we realize that we should have been investing in something we don't care for (social networking).

As one of the last Gen-Xers (age-wise), am I going to find my current as well as future 'investments' are losses?!?!

[or have I simply commodified relationships in a 1980's sort of way!!]