Sunday, August 27, 2006

Questions are safer than statements

When the values I teach my children are mutually exclusive, what will they choose?

When the reasons I give for conflicting actions are also in conflict, are they left with nothing, something, an aversion to both the options I present?

When I was told by someone else wearing an orange apron (sic), “The customer is my boss; customer service is #1” and then I’m given a book to see if I am making my quota . . .

When I preach polar “truths” without identifying the potential or seeming contradiction, do I handcuff the listener?  Am I energizing a rebellion to the “truth,” a survival mechanism that forces one to find a way “out” . . . ‘out’ of the ‘truth’?

Is there a responsibility of those teaching (parent, boss, pastor, etc.) to keep the whole picture in mind?  Or even to simplify to such an extent that I can keep myself from self-contradiction?

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