Saturday, August 12, 2006

"May your yes be" . . . often?

I once heard it said that the key to improvised dialogue (e.g. comedy / “improv”) is to always say, “yes.” When one person states something, the other person/people cannot rebut. Instead they must continue with whatever is presented. When someone says no it usually takes no more than two more rounds of dialogue for the whole “act” to simply end. “No” kills Improv.

So that’s been rumbling in my brain for a while. Then there is “community” - which is always rumbling in my head. Add in other factors (like my friend John DelHousaye’s blog called “Faith Practices”) and I have now added my own Faith-practice/spiritual discipline.


I should say yes to as many things as I can. I am not speaking specifically of saying yes to that which I would not normally. And I am not talking about “never being able to say no.” I am talking about saying yes to real needs in real people. Really more of a pro-active yes.

Does someone need money - then I offer. Does someone need a ride - yes. Would someone’s life be better if I did a troubling task with them - I put myself forward.

This all is some variant of community mixed with sacrifice and/or love. I think. For now.

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