Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dumb fun - speed-reading site

Just found ZapReader The first link on the site is one of the best methods of speed-reading -- smaller chunks per line (my early PDA averaged 8 words per line, Microsoft Word that I am writing this in is averaging 18 per line). This prevents the eye from moving backwards to reread something already read. The first link allows you to paste text into a window, then pick the speed you read it at. It displays it one word at a time (no back-reading here!). Tons of fun for those that like to read more swiftly.

Second benefit: teaches me to not say the words in my head (internal vocalization). This site is great for learning how to read words as words, without “hearing” the text.

These techniques do NOT ruin what I’m reading. Just more efficient. I tend to dig this stuff.

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tug said...

I also dig this. First you get me hooked on Bloglines (which I have used every day since you blogged about it). Now you're going to get me hooked on Zap Reader.

darn you...er...thank you