Friday, June 02, 2006

on Heaven

On reading writers from Augustine to the present (not all, of course!), I have come to the following conclusion:

For most of us, "heaven" is the end of things we don't like here on earth.

For Augustine, it was the end of incomplete communication. For most of us in the U.S. it is the end of work. Every accounting I have read is based, first, on the end of something. Further, whatever a given writer proposes as ending, another writer (or reader or culture or ...) would never put on list!

So I am on a quest, a small one. I am going to try to erase this observation from my mind and try to come up with my "view of heaven" - I'm going to try to let it be a list of endings, as I would have done before this observation.

Then I am going to try to find out why I have not let God redeem what is on the list.

Heaven . . .


Vince D. said...

I resonate with this! In Genesis Adam wasn't partying for eternity. He had responsibility there, he took care of the Garden. What if we are meant to glorify God through our 'work', wait a minute "...yes I remeber reading that somewhere". (J.Nicholson 'A Few Good Men')

(Tangent thought.... Lately, I have been thinking that the American Idea of retirement is unbiblical!) What if our thinking about work is off and it is not the work that is bothersome to us, but our attitude about that which we do?!

Vince D. said...

I attempted to explain on a comment after your comment. on my blog.

I think I found a flaw in my thinking after proof reading it, tell me what you think...