Friday, June 30, 2006

Faith and Works

“Vocation always involves faith(hope)” -- N.T. Wright

Why is it that we, as humans, are so capable of adapting to detrimental circumstances (short or long-term) and yet be incapable or even reluctant to adapt back to health?

One of the consequences of the Fall: work becomes toil. Now, we no longer want to work (generically). “Heaven” is usually a place of non-work, in our common depictions. Perhaps because we can no longer adapt back from toil to work.

But without work (vocation), we loose a consistent, on-going, base-level need for faith (should N.T. Wright be accurate). The wage of sin, in the sphere of work, is the handicapping of our ability to Live in the common (mundane) parts of life - the daily laborings. God is amiss in all but the extreme.

[Back to my Heaven thread, perhaps this is why myself and many of my other friends from my local church grew up wondering what we would do forever in heaven - won’t it get pretty boring; partying with God can only last for so long]

Heaven . . .

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John DelHousaye said...

Since heaven, as I understand it, is a return to Eden, it is plausible that work will be a large part of eternal life.