Monday, March 27, 2006

Sorry, going political just one more time . . .

For some incredibly sad reason, I cannot get the following out of my mind . . .

I was reading the spot-quotes under the pictures of some of our senators in USA Today, the topic was immigration legistlation. And there's H. Clinton stating that the current legislation was contradictory to all-things "Good Samaratin" and that it would "prevent Jesus" from doing His work if He were alive today.

I assume Ms. Clinton reads my blog so, "PLEASE DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT JESUS!! It's bizarre, creepy, stunning, and gross. The 'Jesus' of which you speak has never existed. If you are interested in the Jesus of the Bible, of historic Christianity, or even 'The Jesus Movement' (yikes!), please write or call someone. But stop tapping into the public idea(l) of Jesus in the Protestant Bible. It's such blatent pandering to the point of grotesque!"


Not even "How Stuff Works" (.com) can make Evolution anything more than a theory - an unproved group of beliefs that can possibly explain things (albiet quite poorly according to the later half of the article).

See it at

I would like to see the Supreme Court read this, or at least the attorney that are presenting.

"Fact" - it is impossible to know what happened before humans existed for such information is not recorded precluding us from either "knowing" or "repeating" the creation process. Every religion (including "science" as it exists today) has to trust some unprovable beliefs. Therefore, Origins is NOT an acceptable topic in a publically (federally) funded school system - except in a survey of religions course!!



BAB said...

I guess they really believe the Evangelicals won the election.

David M said...

I cannot express my gratitude to finally see the humor in it! Much thanks, Brett