Thursday, March 02, 2006

Don't blame post-modernity!

While I tend to like about 40% of what’s being said by the first-wave of postmodernity, I think I saw this wave as the undoing of what currently is.  I think I liked this idea.  Until I listened to the radio.

Now I think that the U.S. (in particular) is unraveling itself.  The U.S. is turning into a big but

- We value people living independently, in some kind of ‘democracy’ - BUT - we force people to have this independence! [Go Bush!]

- We value personal safety and security - BUT - we won’t let the safe-guardians do their job
    - we will sacrifice our very Life for privacy
    - we will blame the safe-guardians we handcuffed for their failure to protect

- We believe in the universal right of “freedom of expression” - BUT - we don’t think the anti-Muslim cartoons should print
   (did anyone else get a kick out watching/listening to a free press try to distance itself from this ‘free expression’!!??!)

- We believe that access to good, quality jobs is essential for life on this planet - BUT - we profile Middle East countries and prevent their success (UAE port purchase) [Go Ms. Clinton!]

- We have a non-negotiable Constitution - BUT - we can rewrite it to include Pornography as a “freedom of speech” (a political ideal), “separation of Church and State” to be a limit on the Church not the State (as intended), even the misinterpreted “separation” is misinterpreted to only apply to belief-systems that name their all-powerful Creator (how different is “God” than “Big Bang”?)

To quote the great Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”  Should God bless America as we ask, it will probably start with some housekeeping.


tug said...

Well, I tend to like about 80% of what you just said. If the freedom of a democracy is being forced upon Afghanistan or Iraq, then they will elect a totalitarian dictatorship the first chance they get. (an opportunity they would not otherwise have if said freedom were not thrust upon them)

BAB said...

To Tug's point...I am pretty sure we will not let them set up such a dictatorship. At least that is the message I get, even if it is indirectly.