Wednesday, January 25, 2006

my take on Jason on Worship together

Having had a most delightful conversation with Jason Fischer today, I am wrestling with these new phrases, “Worship Leader” and “Lead Worshiper” (thank you Jason!)

What do you prefer (personally, philosophically, whatever...):

1) Worship Leader: someone who leads a community/congregation in worship
     - more than just song selection; uses songs, words, other “things” to lead people in their worshiping together - lead unto a certain idea or certain frame of mind, unto a particular expression or action, etc.

2) Lead Worshiper: someone who usually prepares the order of the community’s/congregation’s worship, usually starts the songs, is usually visible to all, and who then worships intently
     - this person usually sets-up the time of community worship and then enters it him/herself

1 comment:

BAB said...

I am not sure if I like either. When I just evaluate the names and the connotation that I have with them, I really don't like "Lead Worshiper". Who does he think he is?

When I read the definitions, I am not sure if I suppose "Worship Leader" falls slightly out of favor. What does he think he is doing?