Sunday, October 23, 2005

Truth served better with Relative

If I hurt/offend my wife, does it really matter what is "truth" about what happened? And if we both disagree on what "happened" - does an outside, objective "truth" really matter?

If I hurt her, then the relationship needs repair. Does Tara (or do I) need to know what "really" happened or does one need restoration. If Tara rightly discerns what "actually" happened, does that make me feel all-better? Nope. I want to know that she is concerned about ME, about my heart!

The "truth" is, I would much rather have someone who loves me and is concerned about me before the "truth" of the situation. [Note: this is NOT relativity but rather a move of priority from "objective" truth/reality to "personal" truth/reality]

Does the truth of a human (which changes over time and is different from human-to-human) weight less than truth observed, third-party point-of-view, objective? Or am I saying that the truth of Love First is more valuable than Truth Observed?

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AvianaBleu said...

Interesting. A good take on this. I have to agree, I would rather the beloved just love me, no matter the truth of the situation, and then act accordingly. And, of course, something I, too, must work on. As one a bit stuck on 'fairness and actualities' in instances, occasionally I forget that he wants to know that I am caring for him, no matter what the 'truth' of the matter may be.

Again, you open my eyes a bit more. Thank you. :D