Monday, October 03, 2005

Its official

It’s official. We are “in” with OC International!! After praying with friends and family, we (all just mentioned plus OCi) are sensing that God is leading us in a new direction. Not fully new, just a new expression. Thanks to all who pray(ed) for us, challenged us, gave us insight, etc.

We desperately want and NEED continued connection, influence, and love from all as we begin a somewhat vague future (that begins with mountains of paperwork!!). At the risk of seeming co-dependant, Please don’t leave us now :-)


Ty said...


mattieg80 said...

I did not know you guys had been going down this path. Congrats! Adrienne and I will add you and Tara to our prayer list.
grace and peace,

Mike said...

So are you moving to the springs? If so Let us knwo and we would be happy to help you move in. Do a little catch up on the slopes as well??

Mike S.

David M said...

No C.Springs, Mike. Sorry! We'll be moving to the upper-left corner of the U.S. (Washington state. Blaine, Linden, or some other city near there).