Sunday, October 30, 2005

If you pray

If you pray, pray for University Baptist Church, Waco.

**Young senior pastor has evidently died while baptizing a young gal - her status is unknown or bad. His lapel mike fell in the water and electrocuted them both during the baptism.**
*** Correction: the pastor died, the gal was not in the water yet. The cause is not necessarily a falling lapel mike. The cause is being investigated at this time (this information per the website).
*** Correction as of 11/1/05 at 10:00am

The church-folk are in pain, the family (wife and 3 young kids, evidently) are dealing with the death of their husband/father in the church gathering itself. Prime warfare (mental, emotional, spiritual).

[This information comes from someone at the service, but was given to me indirectly. I cannot verify the specifics (death, kids, etc.), but it is obvious, even from the website, that it went very wrong this morning.]


Anonymous said...

You should probably correct your story. The young lady who was being baptized wasn't hurt at all as she hadn't entered the water yet.

And it wasn't a lapel mic, it was a mic that he was reaching for.

David M said...

Thank you, anonymous. I have made corrections. I appreciate your post since I HATE misinformation, especially at times like this.