Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silly Scientists, Strings are for kids

I watched a movie of what is touted as "String theory, explained for the normal human." From all I've read, it's a great video!! He clearly states, in easy terms, that what he's espousing is silly. He just didn't seem to notice!

1) Every "extra" dimension is always called a smaller-than-we-can-see dimension. They never describe NEW dimensions, only super-small measurements, beyond what we can currently measure. That's not a new dimension, it's just small. Even his ants video goes against his point.

2) "Ah, but those are just metaphors, the extra dimensions are in the Math!" Only because they were IMPLIED in the Math (see his first point on how a 5th dimension ever entered the conversation). The extra dimensions are implied, then formulas are created, then the extra dimensions are "validated" with "Hey look! Those extra dimensions are required for our extra-dimension equations to work!" Silly.
- Even further, the 5th dimension guy felt that gravity "took" 3-dimensional space so electro-magnetic radiation had to have a whole new dimension. What?!? First, it would require THREE new dimensions since the effect is 3-dimensional. Second, why can't it co-exist with gravity, since the effects of each of them are on the original, 3 dimensions? Weird.

3) It's like N.A.S.A. looking for "life" by looking for "water" on Mars. Why water? If the odds of live being created as it is on Earth are ridiculously large, is it really a good idea to exponentially increase those odds by stating that all life that could ever evolve will always need water?!! If the odds were say, 1 million to 1 that life could evolve the way it did on earth. The odds of life evolving the same way on Mars is now 1 million to 1 million to 1 -- 1 million to the power of 1 million . . . to 1. Silly.

Sting theory, as is constantly being explained in both "layman's terms" and in more "insider" terms always seems to be a theory based on a hypothesis that's rather silly.

So if the "scientific" scientists are silly, and the Christian-ish scientists are silly . . . who's not silly?

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gable said...

David, you're pretty silly.
i appreciate you and your silliness; it gives me things to think about and wikipedia.
but, you are silly.