Friday, August 31, 2007

More kid fun

My 10 year old daughter is trying to explain to my 60+ mother the how and why of a Myspace account. If you don't know Mikaela, imagine a very precocious and highly verbal girl explaining the need for a Myspace account and all the great things one can do with their home-page.

[Note: my daughter got her Myspace account last night. 2 friends, one is me. She has changed the background/theme twice. She has a song playing from a High School Musical 2 actress. She has a picture up of her (proving she is too young to actually have a Myspace).]

I had a VERY hard time catching my breath after listening to Mikaela talk to Oma about Myspace, especially when Mikaela had a hard time understanding why her grandmother doesn't understand the incredible weight of Myspace nuance.

The world is changing.

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Ash Tray said...

David, can you have M. call me to explain to ME the need for a myspace account? Thanks, Ashlee