Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another continuum to put people on

I have made the observation that there is yet another continuum that people tend to fall on. Unless I am only seeing in lame, binary sorts of ways.

Here's another line:
Teach now (e.g. teachable moment) but remember-the-moment later
- and -
Live in the moment now and see life-lesson(s) as one remembers/reflects

It's a Teach vs. Presence sort of thing.

I have some people in my life who like to always evaluate the moment as it happen (usually by teaching). But will reminisce about the past. I find this awkward: why didn't you just be Present with me when the event happened?!? Why did you teach me then, but reminisce with joy as if it was a delightful time - I didn't enjoy the time, you were teaching at me!

I have some people in my life who just want to be present, but later find all kinds of interesting things to talk about. Like people who will fully engage a movie and then talk about the movie, the motifs, the parallels to life, real stories that spring from the movie, etc. It's as if no memory exists if it didn't have all kinds of implications (personal, social, etc.). Like some blogging friends for whom the only parts of reality that exist are the ones they journal/blog.

Then I have friends who do not observe where they are/have-been present. As if the past just falls off behind their feet into an abyss.

What am I?

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