Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Levels of Death

I) Sometime in grade school (c. 1978), I read a book called A Walk Across America. What's relevant is that the guy's dog died midway through the first leg of the journey. I wept. It was the last, major emotion I remember feeling until the 2000's, save a few incidents.

II) We saw Bridge to Terabithia the other night. I cried. It felt the same as that book in grade school. I realized, upon reflection this morning, that what I felt was the Loss of Relationship Future. That is, I actually dread the idea of a good relationship not lasting.

III) It doesn't take long reading commentaries on the Bible or going to a Bible or theology class before one comes across this, "The definition of Death is separation." That makes more sense as I get older.

Conclusion: I realized this morning that a huge part of my world(view) is Great Relationships. I strive to help them exist, I attempt to provide a multiple-source paradigm so that people are not left without Great Relationship should one relationship end.

Internally, I am working to prevent what God has allowed: death. If I can't prevent it, I try to make sure it can be easily and quickly replaced. It is a major part of my vision for the future.

Now I have to figure out if and where I am out of resonance with God.


Tony Myles said...

Perhaps the question is if death is out of resonance with God.

Since our story starts in Genesis 1-2 (and not Genesis 3), I'd say perhaps you're more in step with God on this than you realize.

David Malouf -- said...

Hmmm. Looks like my education about the Bible just got uncovered!

I'm still wrestling through God's-Will type stuff. I know death is not His preference, so now I have to work out what it means for me to fight against what He has allowed. Perhaps it is rebellion, perhaps it is bringing the Kingdom!?!

Thank you, Tony, for the insight!