Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Perfect Leadership is Possible with one, easy step

Lead FOR others. That's it.

Ok, some more. "Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely." Why? What is "corrupt" anyway?

My answer: selfishness. Direct, personal gain or indirect advantage (or gain). I have asked the question that I heard elsewhere, "Is a benevolent dictator the ultimate form of government?" I suspect that the wording gives away my stance - yes. IF the power is used for the good of the community, then the power is good. If the power is used against or even indifferent to the community, it is corrupt.

"But no King or Queen will ever lead for the people all the time. Plus they don't know what all the people need - they're isolated."

So what DOES a dictator listen to, respond to? News? Threats? Opportunities? If a dictator can choose what impacts or directs the use of Power, then it would make sense for said dictator to develop systems that collect what's going on in the life of the people, no? For example, Jason Fisher's dad works at a church where once a month they have everyone who can come to a "prayer meeting." BUT . . . there are note-takers in the small groups who are praying. Not to collect "gossip" but rather to collect what is going on in the lives of the people. THESE VERY NOTES are used, as far as I understand, to bound the use of power. In other words, power is used Intentionally, it is used For the people, it is bound by the Lives of those for whom the power is to be used. This leadership group (same holds for individuals) specifically set in place channels of communication so that they can know, really Know, the people they are leading.

But our government and our churches have become habitually "higher than." Politicians have convinced themselves they are "servants of the public" by thinking for us (?). I heard NOTHING of how their constituents felt about Senate filibuster issues - just some Democrat/Republican (aren't there other parties, by the way?!?) rhetoric.

The Bible says, "Where there is not leadership/vision, the people fall." So we pastors are responsible for the vision of the people. WHAT!!!! Am I now to be excited that people don't "follow" pastors much (e.g. see how consistent peoples lives are with what is espoused from a pulpit and the corresponding value statements)?

Paul says that elders can be evaluated on how they parent - something like, "They'll lead in an organization like they do in their homes." I love my wife and kids. I really want to use all of my power for their benefit. Sometimes they don't like it, but I do not think that they wonder if I am going to be selfish with my power, if I am going to use it for selfish gain.

Or maybe I'm deluding myself.

So, is the "good king" of folklore fantasy or an option?


BAB said...

Jesus is our good king! And if we believe in that, then we have to believe in the benevolent ruler. (I just can't call him a dictator, sorry.)

David M said...

Sorry, I meant, "Is it possible with humans?"