Saturday, June 18, 2005

If this were my last post, I'd say this.

Just finished watching October Sky. But what I now write is about what every movie is really about -- to me. This is what I see every time I see a movie, read a book, listen to a song, hear my kids talk and laugh, find someone' s story . . . This is why I cry almost every week, if not more. This is what I see. I think this is what I am made to see by God, but I am not sure.

The way it is supposed to be.

Where people are free to be what they love to be. Where people love seeing others free to be. Where people stand in awe of others and often of themselves. A kind of, "Can you believe you ( or I or they) did / get to do ________!!" Awe that I am allowed to, awe that I am encouraged to, awe that I am wanted to do what I am wanting to do. But more.

"BEING who I am." That you and I get to live out who we ARE; our activities and decisions flow out of our essence, our "who I am on the inside," our "the me that I see," and technically, "the me that I was Made to be."

As I have written previous, a place where power is FOR others. Where leaders are leaders because they are the ones who use power to provide for and better the world of others (because that's what they were Made for!), not because of objectified, worthless standards that fall so short of even the stated values and visions of the whole.

A place where a coal-miner's son is encouraged to build rockets, where the son knows that his dad really is his hero (even before the typical story line conflict-then-resolution-unto-understanding), and where death no longer robs experiences nor is necessary for us to see the value of life. [Where death is no more, but that is not for me at this time. I hate death with all that is within me. It is the team effort of evil.] A place where people live life to the full and are overwhelmed at the privilege - no matter their personal circumstances. A place where people laugh at themselves quickly, or at least eventually.

A place where people choose to trust a good God who says live in connection and love with Him and others - connections that become as vital as food and water. I think of that common "trust exercise" of standing on a 4' podium, closing one's eyes, crossing one's arms, and falling back into the "crowd" below who is responsible for catching the one falling. Relationships that put even vital parts of life in the hands of another so as to communicate Love and Trust and Value and Commitment and Connection and even Friendship.

This is no pie-in-the-sky existence, however. A place like this would be rampant with disagreements (what else would happen when people are free to be, think, and do what is within them!!). But equally rampant with dialogue. Rampant with, "yah, I guess it's not that important." Or just judges who decide on what is best for the community, not just individuals.

I see this everywhere. I see it in, "There is no 'I' in 'Team.'" I see it in the song, "We are family." I see it in most every statement about synergy and groups doing more than the individuals ("sum is greater than the parts"). I see it in hero stories. I see it in October Sky, self-realization stories, and even Bruce Almighty. I see it in most every teacher (the one's that care). I see it in those I have been privileged to walk life with - some friends, some family, some strangers, some homeless. And Tara, herself.

It is what drives me into the next job. It is what drives me at work as I deal with co-workers, bosses, clients, and vendors.

I see this world through my tears for I know this is possible. Here. Now. This planet, this lifetime. I see it lived out often these days in my family. I see it sometimes with those I am connected with outside my family. I see it in the hearts/minds/visions of writers and directors. I see it in Jesus: both in the Bible and in my relationship with Him.

I learned it from Him (for this is all quite un-natural, actually, to an angry, quick-tempered, power-grabbing, cynical U.S. male). He did it with me, He has done it with others, and I know He wants others to do this with still more.

If you read this post, please do this.


Post Script - June 30, 2005

Home for the living of the body, home for the health of the soul. It is home.

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AvianaBleu said...

I'm glad it's not the last post. Because of this, I take a breath, knowing I'm not the only one who looks at these things, and thinks... that is how it's supposed to be.