Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Scary how accurate this is for Pastors / Bad Pastoring

Was shown this article on bad habits of CEOs in a NUMBER of contexts (Google+, in-house Yammer, etc.).  Creepy how many of these are super-typical of pastors I've worked with / worked for.  CREEPY!

I see all but #4 consistently in, I kid you not, over 80% of the pastors I've worked with over the years.  This makes me quite sad.

If you are a pastor and reading this, please do your best to not rationalize why you should/have-to do any of these.  Rather, let them be new ways to see what needs to be sharpened or removed.  Let them be different ways to look at your soul first - not your tasks, your 'ministry.'

I write this not because I'm projecting myself onto others (as you'll see in my sad "report card" below).  But using assessments not created by me, I gathered enough data to make the above statements.

For the record, here's how I self-assess my pastoring:
        ( 1 = didn't do this at all, 5 = did this all the time )

 Habit #1 = 4
 Habit #2 = 5
 Habit #3 = 4 - sadly, I wanted to be a 5!
 Habit #4 = 2 - was already appalled by this elsewhere
 Habit #5 = 4... no 5 (bummer)
 Habit #6 = 2 - I think - maybe not? (eek!)
 Habit #7 = 1 - Yay!  A good score.

God help us.  And I mean that literally.

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Monkey RobbL said...

Wow. This is so true it makes me a little queasy.