Friday, April 09, 2010

My kids are awesome

Kids at school treat Mikaela with ridiculous respect... just the other day, one child admitted to cheating off of Mikaela's test. The child admitted it right away - no hesitation, no deflection. When the two were confronted with the situation, the other girl fessed up on-the-spot. Unreal.

Luc is such a great boy/man. This week, I have driven him to school so he can work the morning 'safety patrol' shift (he's on every other week). When I drop him off, he RUNS into school! Not because he's late. He just runs. It makes me smile. Huge smile. Every time.

There is a season for sowing, and a season for harvesting... The hard work of sowing (and tilling, and nurturing, and working, and pruning, and ...) is SO worth it!

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