Friday, September 05, 2008

Do, Believe, Feel, Know . . .

1) It seems to me that most pastors/preachers see "belief" as what comes first. "If you'll believe _________, then you WILL [insert desired action here]."

2) It seems to me that there's always an order, a sequence, to these things. The old "Faith - Facts - Feelings" train (or was it Fact - Faith - Feelings? and what kind of mode-of-transportation doesn't have a Do?)

So where does the phrase "I have come to believe..." fit in? Isn't that phrase used, typically, after some kind of "Do" (or, gasp, "Feel") episode?

Perhaps the request to be so linear/sequential and to always start with our rational side (belief, thoughts) is not the best. Perhaps it's not even human. Did we just pick the wrong 'order' - or is there not to be an 'order' but maybe just a 'set'?

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Anonymous said...

David, I love these thoughts. I have found that in my own life things move much more often from do to believe then from believe to do. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, friend.