Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Subliminal teaching by Contrast effect

Is it possible more is taught (or in this case, caught) by the incongruity between what is asked and what is allowed? when what is stated as important is often dismissed by non-action (therein devaluing what is stated)?

If I, as a leader, state that those I lead should "always be growing/expanding" yet never ask if they are, never measure growth of any kind, maybe only briefly praise examples of growth, never show my growth, and put most of the resources into things other than "growth"...

Have I not taught, asked, lead, something other than what I said? Have I not, perhaps more powerfully than direct request, actually instilled the opposite of what I was intending to impart?!?

I am thinking of this as a dad. I am thinking of this as a boss. I am thinking of this as a leader of a cause. I am thinking of this as The Head Dog. I am concerned.


Katie said...

Hmmm, that's something to think about. The scary kind of thinking too. Also this: What do I ask or expect out of those I lead that I never follow up on? What do I say I value but don't actually value evidenced by my actions? And what does that say about my leadership?

Vince D. said...

We lead by example. James 2:18.