Monday, September 10, 2007

Did this REALLY happen?

In 1 Samuel 17:37 David says that God Himself was involved with David's killing (rescue) of a lion and a bear as David was protecting sheep.

Does God really get involved with that? Or is it possible that David took God's protection too far. I am NOT arguing against being heavily involved with Goliath's death.

Is it possible that God was NOT involved with the bear or lion and that David was mistaken?

What do YOU think?

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Chris M. said...

Its funny that you ask that. I am reading "The making of a man of God" in our small group with Tyler and it is based on the life of David. I'm only a chapter into it but it starts with this story. The book itself didn't touch on this specific question but it is a good one. I am curious to any clues that may be in the original language used.
I did find it interesting that David says "the Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear will now deliver me from the hand of this Philistine." It seems that the lion and the bear were most likely attacking, David being on the defensive end. Where Goliath was not attacking (well not attacking David directly). David sought him out.
Although I suppose as a Shepard David was fighting for that which he was there to protect. Similarly perhaps Goliath was the same as he was protecting Israel which God [allowed?] [called?] him to do.

My opinion on your question: it is possible that David was mistaken but I don't see it as likely. It seems that God was "hands on" involved throughout Davids life. The author draws some parallels that are interesting, parallels between David and Jesus. He compared David's encounter with the wild animals to the testing of Christ by Satan. He then looked at how those trials played out later on in their battles. Hmmm...interesting thoughts.