Thursday, November 09, 2006

more on "Home"

Watched enough Extreme Makeover to know something about myself:

Hope and Home cannot coexist. Hope, by its very existence, states that the one hoping is not Home. When the soul is at Home, there will be nothing to hope for.

Does "contentment" = the non-existence of hope?

[and if so, can Home be made!?!]

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AvianaBleu said...

Don't you think though, David, that saying 'when the soul is at Home, then there will be nothing to hope for' limits what one might hope for? Unless you are thinking that, at our deepest core, all we truly hope for is a place to call home.

Perhaps... maybe, as I think on it a bit more, all our searching is truly for a place for our soul to rest. Can we make it? Part of me wonders... the other part says yes. Home can be made, if you are willing to put in the effort.