Sunday, April 03, 2005

"David son of Bob"

When preaching one Sunday (back in the paid, full-time, lover-of-people job -- a.k.a. "pastor"), I was trying to communicate that even pastors were just a part, a small piece, of the Body. So I used the phrase, "I am NOT 'Pastor David!!' I am just 'David son of Bob' and I have the role of pastor." Brad and Becky Holaway grabbed this and have referred to me then-after as "David son of Bob." I love it!

Then Tara gave me the quote (which I lost immediately) that "hero" is only a small role played for only a short time. It is NOT the pinnacle of existence, it is a necessary role for the benefit of all. Even William Wallace in Braveheart?!?! Yup. It emphasizes the fact that hero-ing is an activity, not a state-of-being. And that being the hero is so situational, that there might be many who would be well-suited for the role, but only the one who is prepared and in the right place (usually serendipitously) plays the role. And it is only one of many roles - all necessary for each others' success, existence.

So here's my new view of leadership:

Leadership does NOT have to be "on" all day long, every day. Just like mercy isn't used every time I am with my children. Sometimes mercy is quieted while discipline is elevated. Same with leadership. A leader may have the (Spiritual) gift of leading, but one doesn't ALWAYS lead. Or maybe we do and we shouldn't. Ever seen a parent that can't exist a moment without parenting/training! Ugh.

I like this graph because it also has depressions. At any one time, certain people/gifts are used a ton, some, not at all . . . and then there are always some who are in need. I vividly remember going to my volunteer staff and asking them if I could change some of what I do. I told them it was like riding a bike and that I'd probably fall. And that if I fell I'd fall on THEM. They graciously accepted this fate. Then I failed at some leadership thing, I fell off the bike. I was the depression. And my mercy friends were in High mode! It was beautiful. And saving for me.

Perhaps we lead too much. Perhaps Sunday morning "teaching" is too much "leading." Perhaps pastors are lonely and/or fall because they are always in leadership mode and never get to be sheep. What if that chart above was the Body!! I think it would be beautiful.


Ty said...

I have always heard that you must be a good follower to be a good leader but America's love affair with the CEO makes this statement somewhat meaningless chatter. We should be 'the Donald' - meaning the one who calls all the shots. Unfortunate. I like your graph.

Smartel said...

"Perhaps pastors are lonely and/or fall because they are always in leadership mode and never get to be sheep. What if that chart above was the Body!! I think it would be beautiful."

I find myself in leadership positions a lot, and Shannon always points out how lonely being a leader can be. I don't necessarily think the body can't hold the leaders up and help carry their burdens, but I think the body doesn't always know that is a need. How does that change?

Jimmy said...

If you knew me and my life right now, you'd know that quite randomly I rediscovered your site and found this entry and how 'serendipitous' that is for me. As an often times black and white thinker and "reformer" I often think of leadership (and the appalling lackthereof) and really liked the model in your post.

Joceline said...

David, I like your comment that sometimes mercy is turned off while discipline is turned on. I go back and forth every day almost because I hate, hate, hate the discipline part of teaching. I'm not patient with it quite often, and I berate myself for not being nice and fun all the time because I have to be tough sometimes. I think I need to redefine to myself what role the discipline part plays with love and mercy. Ouch.