Monday, March 28, 2005

Doesn't anybody stay together anymore?

Why is it that there are "Christians" who seem to give off "heat" and those who only collect "heat"? There are those that seem to "cause" heat in others, and then there are the others who mainly get colder when they are not around "heat people. Why is it so common for people to grow and think about God and love Him and love people in high school, and then go away from that and diminish? Do they even think they are diminishing?

Why don't people love Jesus when no one is pushing them?

Why is it that the only adults that seem to have any kind of
long-distance progress in their relationship with Christ (Himself and His body) are in some kind of leadership position: either paid or volunteer? Why is it that most people have a "stint" with Christ, and then move on . . . like He was just a boyfriend?

And yet some go the distance in this lifetime.

If you are reading this and your relationship with Christ and/or His body (i.e. some local church) have not been progressing much, please tell me why. Either comment below or email me direct at:

dmalouf2 at cox dot net (you'll have to convert the 'at' to @ and the 'dot' to '.' -- I get way too much spam otherwise).


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