Friday, February 25, 2005

Growth is always into new space

I came across a blog-article that looks into some contemporary use(s) of the word "growth." In light of my family's current situation, the article brought to mind that "growth" involves moving into a space previously unknown to the "plant." I picture a tree "growing" - its branches move ever into novel locations in the universe.

And in my little world: "unknown" = "scary"

I love the last paragraph of this article (the whole does a good job of loosly getting the reader ready for it). I resonate with it.

And I'm afraid. I want to go into the unknown, to adventure. But it is scary. For me, knowing the source of the fear helps. Perhaps some control-issue I have (grin).


Anonymous said...

Do you think, perhaps, that it would be abnormal to not have some sort of anxiety when facing "change" on a grander scale? Have you ever ventured into the unknown without fear of any kind?

David M said...

LGLP, I suppose I have ventured into the unknown when I have a sense of somewhere between 40% and 60%+ control with no major fear. Rock climbing, racing double-engine rail-carts at 60 m.p.h. on a non-oval track. There are times, but I have my limit - not enough control = dread.